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Dog bathtub treat will make washing your dog more enjoyable

No longer exert unnecessary energy to force your dog into the bathtub when you have this dog bathtub treat that keeps your dog happy. To order from Amazon:

More about the dog bathtub treat:

Ever force your dog into the bath and hold them down while cleaning them? This is not only exhausting for you but also traumatizing and uncomfortable for your dog. Now you have an easy and simple to use solution that will not only keep your dog standing in one place, but will also make the entire experience much more enjoyable for you and your dog.

The dog bathtub treat is held by a sturdy suction cup and can be smeared with your dogs favorite sticky treat…such as peanut butter. It will help your dog stand still so that you can have enough time to wash them. The bathtub treat is also very easy to wipe clean and is dishwasher safe.  The dog bathtub treat was so popular that it was featured on KickStarter, USA Today, Yahoo and more. Now pet owners can enjoy the happy moments with their dogs without the unnecessary battle to hold their dogs down each and every time they have to wash them.

dog bathtub treat

dog bathtub treat

dog bathtub treat

dog standing still while eating peanut butter

dog bathtub treat

smearing peanut butter

What we think about the dog bathtub treat:

To wash ones dog can be a dreaded chore. Not only does the dog typically have to be dragged to the bathtub, but once inside, the dog typically whimpers and tries to get out. It’s not only uncomforatble for the dog but also for the owner who has to force the dog into one spot. The dog bathtub treat makes all of the difference. As long as their is enough peanut butter or the dog’s favorite sticky treat, your dog should be preoccupied enough to get through the full wash. It seems very easy to clean as it can fit nicely in ones dishwasher. It definitely seems like a good product to try.


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