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Scan Valuable Data with the Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner

Throw away your standard highlighter markers when you can have the Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner. It is a digital highlighter that connects to all your devices through bluetooth. To order from Amazon:

What is it?

The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner uses cutting-edge patented technology to create a superior and accurate handheld scanning solution. Simply move the pen scanner over a line of printed text and it will show up instantly on your computer or smartphone screen. Whether you are making a report in Word, inputting data to Excel or sharing a quote with your friends on Facebook, the digital scanner will quickly type everything you need. It Scans up to 30 times faster than manual typing! Perfect device for students, doctors, librarians, lawyers, teachers, researchers and basically anyone who wants instant scanning of text. It also includes a read aloud feature. This will help one memorize and gain a clearer understanding of the scanned material. One will hear the text read out loud while scanning to the computer or smartphone. This feature makes it an effective assistive device for those with dyslexia and other disabilities, thus helping every student achieve academic success. Master a foreign language (50+ languages) with the the translation feature. The Digital Scanner also doubles as an effective Barcode scanner. Lastly, one is able to scan small black and white images, such as signatures, that will be placed alongside the text in your document.

What we think about the Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner:

Now one can throw away the old-fashioned highlighter markers and use this much more efficient pen scanner. Additionally, you no longer need the relevant book where you used your highlighted markers in because all important information worth saving is already stored in either your smart phone, tablet, or computer where you can share with friends.

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