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Decorative security compartment will confuse any thief

Check out this decorative security compartment that holds important items yet looks stylish and blends into any home.

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More about the decorative security compartment:

This decorative security compartment is one of the safest methods for securing your weapons, money and jewelry. The compartment is hidden in the form of a simple looking shelf or an air vent. Although it would be in plain sight of a thief, the decorative security compartment would confuse anyone. This is because the decor would blend into any home.

In a panic situation, it can be hard to remember a code to open a safe. That is why there are no numbers to memorize and no buttons to push. It’s designed so you can obtain your important items quickly. To open, simply place the included RFID card, key fob, or token next to the shelf or air vent. Like magic, it opens right away. Perfect for keeping items readily available, such as a firearm, while safely hiding it from view.

It’s quick to install. All required hardware is included when purchasing the safe. The safe comes with 4 keys pre-programmed (2 cards, 1 key fob and one token).


Decorative security compartment

shelf closed

Decorative security compartment

shelf open

Decorative security compartment

air vent opened

Decorative security compartment

air vent closed

What we think about the decorative security compartment:

Hiding precious items in your home can be difficult. Oftentimes, we try and hide items in common hiding places. This could be the underwear draw, under a mat, or in the bookshelf. However, thieves most likely know these common hiding places. And, thieves will often destroy a home in search of valuables. This decorative security compartment is definitely unique. Both the air vent compartment or the shelf compartment would confuse any thief as it fits perfectly with the home’s decor.  Additionally, there are no confusing codes or buttons that take awhile to plug in. To open and close, simply place an RFID car next to it and it immediately opens up.

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