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Chute Cutting Board keeps your kitchen clean

This chute cutting board prevents food from spilling while transferring chopped ingredients to the cooking pot. To order from Amazon:

More Information about the chute cutting board:

This chute cutting board is unlike any others. When laid flat, it gives a durable, knife-friendly cutting surface for all types of food preparation. However, if the handle is squeezed, the sides of the board fold up, transforming it into a convenient chute down. The chute helps guide the chopped food or waste into a cooking pot or a trash can. The latest version keeps the same design of the proven ‘living-hinge’ technology, but also includes a textured cutting surface, comfortable soft-grip handle and non-slip feet. Available in a variety of colors and sizes and is dishwasher safe.


chute cutting board

chopping vegetables

chute cutting board

turning into a chute

What we think of the chute cutting board:

Cooking can often be messy and if there is a method for creating less mess, we are all for it! The chute cutting board folds up on both sides which gives it some real advantages. For starters, it neatly directs all the food into your cooking pot without spilling anything. If you are cutting tomatoes or other juicy vegetables/ fruits, the liquid often flows off the sides of regular cutting boards. As one squeezes the handles of this cutting board, it turns into a funnel and the food + liquid all find the right destination of the cooking pot. And, the fact that the chute cutting board has a handle is an advantage as it is much easier to hold and transfer with one hand.

Often, cutting large items, such as watermelon, can be difficult on a cutting board as the cutting board can often slip. A bonus feature to the chute cutting board is the non-slip feet that keep it securely in place and prevent it from moving around.

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